Meetings between people. Macsimum.


At first glance, it may seem like a paradox. We live in an era of digitalization. Our customers are rooted in IT and technology. But the real meetings between people are what we’re most concerned about.

It’s all connected. Behind the technological development lies the search for knowledge and deeper understanding. The best way to find, disseminate and share knowledge is through meetings between people in arenas where disciplines have the main focus.

JavaZone nettverk


Fortunately, it’s challenging and complex to create valuable meeting places.

We love challenges.


We’ve done a lot of things, many ways – big and small. We’ve arranged hundreds of events over the past two decades.

Maybe you should take a look at some of it now that we’re working together?



Java rules! 

Two days packed with inspiring tech talks brimming with nerdy sessions, mingling, and a decent dose of partying.

SHE Conference

Equality matters.

At the SHE conference, leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, students and business people meet every year for Europe’s largest conference to strengthen the fight for equality.

SHE-konferansen on-stage

Red Barnas Peace Prize Party

Redd Barnas Peace Prize Party has been part of the official Nobel Peace Prize program since 1997 and is made up of twelve seventh grades.

The children are hosts, press officers, and producers. Macsimum assists and collaborates with the talented kids to get the show started!


Picking out a handful of references from hundreds of events over the last 20 years is a bit tricky, but we bet these give some insight into what we’re capable of.

The common denominator is meetings that have a clear purpose. With a desire to profile, present or perform. Facilitate conversation, debate, and dialogue. Sharing knowledge, developing disciplines and perspectives.

Here we go!

In an introductory meeting, we introduce ourselves and get to know each other. We receive a brief so that we understand the task, purpose, and strategy behind it.

We air first thoughts and ideas and clarify responsibility, expectation, and budget.



We provide planning, milestones, and progress – with tools and roadmaps.

Initial ideas become a ready-made schedule. We find the concept and form of the event, staging a valuable experience for everyone attending the event.

Together we develop the thematic red thread that ensures dramaturgy and an engaged audience – magic is made!


An event is like a symphony. Many instruments come together and create a holistic experience.

Pompous? Oh yeah. Whatever. That’s how we roll.

Nothing makes us happier than an event well executed. What we’ve worked for is successful and creates value. It’s time to celebrate – because we all deserve it!

The whole room trembled. Magical mood. Not one eye was dry. I boosted my network. I’ve never learned more in one day. It’s the craziest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I was dying with laughter.

For some, those are empty phrases. For us, that’s a goal.

Dette er Macsimum

Behind every successful event, there’s a committed team.

This is us. What should we create together?